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Light and Flirty

It's been a long week.. oh what with taxes, kids, parties, taxes, and playing with this new iPhone app called Closet! So I haven't been quite "on-it" with the postings. What can I say? This girl is busy. I spent a good about of time trying to take pictures of each item in my closet.. and well, barely got past 1/8 of the stuff. I mean really? Talk about the perfect torture device. Going forward I'll take them as I get them... LOL. And maybe this app is stupid on an everyday level, but it's a great idea for trips.

Some posts coming up

So yes, I was too busy to do proper postings. But I have a slew of photos, and ideas. 1. Of course I have to share with you some of the items I photographed from my closet. 2. I've been just taking pictures of random things, I thought were interesting... so they might show themselves. 3. My plantings and garden stuff.. although, I might just put that on my other blog, I've been trying to work on... Go Girl! Garden! 4. And most exciting... I have to share the photos from last nights event! I went to this great private party at Coco de Mer, with my book club girls. It was our girls night out. And I came home with a special gift bag from Simon, one of the partners.

What a week!

And now I'm thinking of re-organizing this blog. Same thing really, but my categories are kind of random. I have some ideas that might help me be more productive. Something like this:

Interviews & Reviews
Baking it & Making it
Mommy got style
Home and Garden... (or this will just be on my garden blog...)
Fashion and Music
New Things Found and Old Things Discovered...

Something like that. Don't expect this to happen over night. I have a couple of "paying" jobs to work on, and more "projects". But I just wanted to share the ideas I've got cooking.

Kiss kiss!

"Mommydrinks, eating lunch during a particularly excellent blog posting moment"


Sunday's Brown Sugar Bundt Cake


photo 4-1

photo 2-2

photo 3-1

photo 2-1
(with Florence, the judge)

photo 5

photo 2

photo 4
(Florence' Mom, Tor, helped with icing and decorations. Great solution to weird icing.)

And the verdict!?


What a lovely Bloody Mary!

Taking a break in Brooklyn is so easy, so peaceful, so.... yummy.


Tor and I went to pick up my gorgeous old Raliegh from the bike shop, and were famished so we decided to check out the semi-new "prime meats" that opened down on Court Street in Carroll Gardens. I happen to be a vegi-fish-bacon-tarian, so a place sounding like a joint that's named for, well, meats that sound like they hack a cow out back... well you would think it not in my liking. However, they have a great salad menu, yummy soups, breakfast choices...

And Lovely lovely Bloody Mary's! That alone could have been a meal. Yum.

"Prime Meats is a "farm to table" restaurant created in the spirit of the inns and dining rooms found in New York at the turn of the century. Prime Meats is influenced by Germanic alpine cuisine and the menu pays tribute to the American artisan movement; featuring local and fresh ingredients, prepared simply and honestly."

It was so peaceful sitting here in the window, with the sun rays gently shining upon us.

Tor's Mighty Burger


A Pooch Pouch...

I'll have to thank Where The Lovely Things Are post for bringing this to my attention! A change purse to compliment my Tiki!


These are from the animal themed bags from the Netherlands based line Keecie.


Happy Holidays From Mommy Drinks and Snow White!

I just wanted to wish everyone that stops by a happy holiday. I've been terribly busy the last few weeks with preparations, and other all consuming projects, that I haven't been able to post as frequently as I like to.

I'm hoping with the new year, I'll be able to kick it back in gear, as I really enjoy doing this, and I enjoy reading your blogs as well! I love my little blogging community. But it really only works from both ends. I've been terrible at getting out there and communicating to my blog friends. So my first new years resolution is to get back on it!

I will leave you with this, as I plan on not doing to many posts for the rest of this year...

Last weekend, we went to this lovely performance of Snow White, in Brooklyn. Here are some pictures, and a video.

XXOO Suzanne a.k.a. Mommydrinks










View a Short Video from the performance:



Big News: Tavi's on Top

The news on the web is that the famous Fashion Blogger Tavi Lands the POP Magazine Cover, with background artwork by Damien Hirst. Tavi was on the preview cover of Love magazine and now she might be on the next cover of POP.

Personally, I'm thrilled to see the smart and creative Tavi gaining recognition outside the circle. If only I had a computer when I was 13!

Tavi's kept me busy for quite some time now, enjoying her witty, sarcastic and stylish posts. Check them out for yourself, at
Style Rookie.

Ps. I'm not threatened by a smart 13 year old. I feel like she is more of an old soul in a young girls body. You go girl!


Mingus is Patient! But patience takes practice!

I just had to share this very funny post from my friend Rikke. She's the most fabulous and sexy dog trainer out there! She taught this same trick to little Tiki, my darling dauchsund.


Here Mingus demonstrates "Leave it". This trick comes in very handy!

Mingus is serious about his bagel w cream cheese



back in the game


Hello my lovely chic blogging friends. I'm so sorry I've been out of the game, so to speak. My father-in-law passed away last week, and it's just taken everything out of me. I had no spark. But we are moving forward, and it's time to get back to it.

so.. on that note... why not share my new bathing suit! Yes, a bit of retail therapy always cheers a girl up.

Sorry, no photos of myself in it yet... That old promise to get in shape before the summer, sort of went to pot. On the back-burner with all those other great ideas and projects sitting in the corner collecting dust.

But here are some photos of my suit, on a model.


This is the tankini I got in black. Although, I didn't get it in black. I got it in the color below.


I think this is a one piece. But I got this color in the tankini top, and black bottoms.


I really wanted this. But A) they didn't have it in my size, and b) thankfully, because it was twice the price, and I'm not sure I wouldn't have bought it anyhow!!

visit Mailia Mills to see her line of swimsuits


don't shop till you top shop

Or at least something like that.

Had an appointment in the city today. And while there, I had to run in and check out the rest of TopShop. The first time in, I only made it to the first 2 floors. I didn't find anything I liked (that I tried on) the first time, except that awesome scarf! So I was hoping for better results this time around.

Either I'm just picking out the wrong things, but I found only a handful of things I thought would look cool, but on, they just looked dumpy or to silly. Just when I was about to give up, I spotted their sandals. And boy was I in for a surprise. They have great shoes! And what do you know! They fit!!

And the amazing Tiki modeling my scarf:

Ok, besides that.. I'm pretty disappointed in TopShop. Too expensive, and too much 80's day glow going on.


music inspires fashion..

I don't see many commercials.. live. And rarely fashion/perfume commercials. So this morning I was inspired to see what was going on.. and then started filtering into the past. Music is so important in setting desire, and emotion. I find, I like the music better than the visuals, for the most part. Or the music destroys the visuals in some instances. But unfortunately for the most part, perfume commercials suck. They are so STRANGE and STIFF.

Damn Eva for being so beautiful! ok, if you can tell me what this song is.. would be greatful. Sounds so familiar... I do like this one.. but that's because I'm and Eva fan.

IMO, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs make this commercial strong.

hmmmm. Undecided. But the music made me feel like a cowboy disco movie was about to start.

and from Sophia Coppola... I'm now feeling, oh so french at this very moment...


10 posts to stimulate your senses.. and motivate your mind

1. Tavi speaks her mind and reminds me of the possibilities... This time around, cracking me up on the way, she drums ups some real icons for us to remember.

2. Don't get lost in the Networking Cycle of Hell! Alex gives advice on how to keep it cool... and slowly build up your online networking.

3. Holy Platforms!! What a great source of information! If your new to this, and unsure which blogging tool to use, Jennine spells it out to you, in very simple terms.

4. The Sartorialists lists

5. The question is... is pop luxury ”a thing of the past? All I know is things need to balance out better. We were hoping Top Shop would be the budget minded girls answer to luxury here in NYC... but the prices are higher than the one in London! How is that any help?

6. I might play tag when I'm done with my list post... if you do, send me your post link!

7. Pointing out the beautiful and talented

8. The stylish wander could be my younger sister!

9. Gorgeous lingerie, and gorgeous photography

10. This would make a great "Moment of Zen"; that clip they show at the End of
the Daily Show.

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(this is part of my Day 2 - 31DBBB challenge @ PROBLOGGER)


Ten Followers!!!


Ok... so it's still just a small number. But I'm only 3 months old! LOL.

But I want to thank those of you who do follow this blog! Some follow through readers, feedburner or bloglovin', or some other mysterious way... But I love it when someone follows my blog with Google Friend Connect, and their little icon shows up in my right hand column!

So this morning when I checked my blog and I saw I have now reached number 10 (well it was 11, but one was myself so I deleted it) was so excited! I want to thank each and everyone one of my Followers!

Thank you!!

What a great title! What a cool banner! There is so much to see her, and so much to explore! I can't wait to learn and read more. Thank you so much for being my 10th follower!

#10 Blondie_lux
How fantastic! What a great name! What a fabulous banner! I can't wait to go through all of her work, and links. Thank you for being my 10th Follower!

#9 What the Pros Do
What The Pros Do is a lovely mix of useful tips, advice and reviews by Alex. I Love this site! She's been very helpful to me unknowingly and now in the know with my own little blog.

#8 Rikke's Dog Blog
Now this is a sexy mommy with style who is an amazing dog trainer! If you are looking for someone in the New York area who can help you train your dog Rikke is the lady you are looking for! BTW, she's one of my dearest and best friends!

#7 A seed Grows in Brooklyn
Another one of my dearest and best friends, is Bess. Another sexy mommy who works hard, and plays with blogs! LOL. She just couldn't help herself!

#6 ~o!*PeNgUiN sWeEtNeSs*!o~
Terry Rocks! I love her little penguins!

#5 White Rabbit England
Ok, what can I say! More lovely best friends who blog!!! Victoria is a Mummy of 2 from London living in Brooklyn. Her and her sister Charlotte make beautiful and original ceramic nightlights for our children.

#4 Structured Chaos
Hail Patty! I remember when she only had 20 followers! Now up to 52! Fantastico! And always there to leave me a comment when I think no one is reading!!

#3 Mommy's Boudoir
She seems to have me listed, but her blog is still unrealized. Let's wish her good luck and getting that going!

#2 Holistica Naturopathic
Dr. Sherman is in the house! With a few blogs going, this is her, more business side blog. I have known leah since college, and we both rediscovered each other, first on myspace, then facebook, and now through blogs!

#1 Little Bird Brooklyn
Another mysterious follower. Can't wait to see more!

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments!!


Easter Hell Ride

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

I'm on the road... again. Be back late Monday. Just a little, you know.. family time. Crazy time. Patience, patience... breathe... home soon.


going knuts...

darling Gayle, mentioned Hannelore to me. I couldn't place her at the time, but did a little of the usual... google-d-google, and my memory was refreshed instantaneously.

for those of you who don't know her, or forgot... Born in Antwerp, Belgium, she debuted at the spring shows in Milan, in 1999. She's really got a fabulous, androgenous look, is not afraid of taking risks, and changing her hair.

Here is just a little afternoon tribute to Hannelore.

Hannelore has hew own blog: She uses her camera to capture the worlds she sees as she travels the globe.


scooting around, getting things done...

I'm overwhelmed with the approaching break; last minute details for a trip to Virginia to visit grandma, last day of school, soccer practice, tennis, and work. Yes, I do have work!

But we also need to listen to some music.

and breathe.

Florida was fun!

Our trip out was delayed by 6 hours.. but we had fun anyhow:

What did I do? Read books, magazines, enjoy the sun (in the shade) and ate loads of food!
British Vogue Article:

Tor is always very chic.

And of course, late nights by the pool with a glass of wine!

Leaving was sad, but Brooklyn is a good place to go home too!

btw, these are my favorite shoes:
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