And through the bramble and thorns of life...

She discovered it was time to find a better moniker. She though of mommydrinks.. and wondered.. what image does that conjure up? A woman at the computer with a shot of Vodka... maybe a nice glass of wine. Ok, maybe just a coffee. But always, always mommydrinks. After a while it's become... boring. The original idea was... "what is your style?"... and she would say "well, mommydrinks". It was funny for a while. But now... with her life on a platter.. a smorgasbord of opportunities and places. Too much for her to contain, all by herself. Places and spaces that need organizing, managing, arranging... care taking... and the dabbles of life that involve baking, and dressing, and acting ones age. Sometimes. Well... it presented itself to her in a way that she could not dismiss.. but only embrace. It was time, to look into the looking glass, to fall head first, and to announce...

"I am
Lady Warfield"

Therefore.. I give you

lady Warfield Presents

I imported my posts to my new blog "lady Warfield Presents"... so it's really almost the same blog, but just changing the name and the design. I also decided to try out wordpress. Let's hope that wasn't a mistake, otherwise, I'm going to have to reverse it all.

Anyhow, so if you follow me, please don't stop. Just come on over to my new spot, and try follow me there.
Here's to a fantastic 2 years! And more to come!!

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