My New Collection

If two can count as a collection, then I'm on my way.

Last week, I dipped into my earnings, and bought two, (yes two... one just would not do!) dresses by the very young, and very talented Margarita Saplala. I rarely go to Dear Fieldbinder, as I sometimes find there things don't work for me... but last week I peaked in and had a lot of success.

I stumbled upon these two dresses:
(see me in the one pictured second, here on my recent post "Fashion Night Out")

Still waiting for some photos from Saturday's night out, where I wore that first dress to my friend's birthday party.

Both dresses, were designed by the creative and talented Margarita Saplala. Her printed dresses are fresh and playful, but not really girly, because the patterns are geometric and feel more like drawings from her portfolio. It is so me!



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