Errrr... my aching back!

Oh but what joy gardening brings!

First I want to take a moment to thank all my followers for following, and welcome some of my more new recent followers! Hello! I am not always that great about blogging. Some weeks, I get one in every day. And other.. well, not so much. This week I'm back in Brooklyn, back to the school-freelance-life shuffle. I enjoyed my Easter week away, staying in the country. And I even did some planting. See below for some shots of before and after... and come back in a while, hmmm few weeks to see the progress... if any. The bunnies might get them.

Started by weeding out the nasty weeds for the eventual Herb Garden. Also planted some climbing roses along the back of the wall.



Then, packed up more soil, and some tomato plants, and headed to the enclosed orchard, to start a little vegi-garden. Some back breaking soil, I tell you! Rocks and spiders!!! Ugh. But in the end the results were good. Nothing a few tabs Alieve won't mend.




So, check back, and I'll take some updates, when I'm there next.


Anonymous said...

Go Martha!! So proud of you ! Cant wait to eat the produce to come yum..

Tor x

Berlin Deluxxe said...

It turns out I'm very successful at growing onions and garlic. I wish I could say the same for tomatoes :(

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

They can be finicky depending on the soil and the bugs. But I had a good run of it a few years ago. Let's hope they survive this one.

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