Coco de Romp!

The Romping, frolicking ladies of Book Club, attended a savvy and swinging party last Thursday night at Coco de Mer.
And a bit of romping frolicking fun we did have! We even encountered the white rabbit! And plenty of tea cups. Alice was in for a party, and we were her guests!

Oh look, Alice is wearing such a pretty "little" dress! "My little bunny, what big ears you have!".

Even the Queen has joined the fun!

Two of the Ladies enjoy the party!

A bit of everything to be seen and had. I swear that's a candle! Dreadfully realistic isn't it?

And now for a quick walk-through:


Lady Ren said...

That print with the Queen is so funny- Do you know who the artist is?

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Hi Lady Ren,
Well I can find out for you. I don't actually know! Silly me!!!

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