A little bit of Retail Therapy before the Doc


There's nothing like a little retail therapy... so why not do some in between Doctor appointments? That way, when I go to get my fanny checked, I can focus on something more fun, like going home and trying on my new purchases.

Wish I just remembered what the name of this place was... Oh yeah, http://www.flyinganyc.com/.


They had a fabulous section of "thrift store" shoes and boots. I gravitated towards the men's black boots. These are sooo roomy and comphy with a western, Jerry Lee, Rock-a-billy look... I just couldn't resist. And soooo affordable. The cheap updated glam Elvis sunglasses work well too!



Berlin Deluxxe said...

I love your boots!
I have a pair of thrift store boots that I can't imagine what I'd do without :)

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Thank you Darling! I'm so glad you stop by so often!
I love thrift store shoes the best. THey have history!

sherri said...

Girl, I am lovin' those boots.

Lady Ren said...

Oh no, I wish I had found your blog ONE HOUR earlier- If you are interested in seeing my last post please know that I would have included you in this list!

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Hello mi' Lady,
So I've probably missed the Post your referring to. Send me the link. I love the red peppers in your Hot Lemonade drink... they look a bit like red bugs.
Oh wait, do you mean the follower tag line! yes! That must be it. Sorry, still not awake enough.
Thank you!!! Love your blog. And now I'm following you!!! xxoo

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