This Mammasita is on her Way to Costa Rica!

A fond adieu my friends. I'm off to spend some time relaxing in the sun, hiking in the rainforest, spraying bugs off my legs, and hopefully getting a massage or two.

I will miss Tiki, but she will be lovingly taken care of by Lady Tor and Lord Nick, and their adorable children.

I must say a fond farewell to Alexander McQueen, who so sadly committed suicide yesterday (Thursday) after loosing his mother recently. If the two are related, I don't know. But the loss of such a creative geneious will be felt strongly among his fashion peers and followers.  His innovative designs and theatrical fashion shows.

Alexander McQueen photographed by Sam Taylor-Wood
for the New York Times in 2003.

"Mr. McQueen’s troubled personal life was often the subject of concern among his colleagues and close friends. He was deeply affected when Isabella Blow, the eccentric stylist who discovered and championed him, committed suicide in 2007, and he was said to be devastated by the death of his mother on Feb. 2."
read more: NewYorkTimes

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