A new do? I think I do!

Wait! Whose inspiring who?!

Tired of blonde, I've moved back to brunette.. so dark it's almost black. But funny, so did some other short haired blondes (i.e. Agnes). I really didn't realize this. I only just discovered it, when trying to fix my self-hair cut, looking for some samples to show my hair cutter. I was looking for photos of iris strubegger, as I remember she had a great new hair cut last summer. But I also stumbled upon, the site fashionising, and was alerted to the new trend: Short Black Hair cuts for 2010. Ha ha. So I guess I'm following trends without even knowing it.. or maybe I inspired someone! Har har.

Here's what I was going for:





But for now.. this will have to do:

yes, yes, I know.. I posted this yesterday... I'm not that senile. Just wanted to make a point.


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