I want to go to there!

Well, guys and gals... I'm going to Costa Rica with my Man and my boys. We Leave Friday!

Plans... change don't they? I just found out that we will be returning on separate planes! Yes, we connect back through Houston to NY. And my Man just discovered, he accidentally booked 2 on a different flight. Oddly, two flights leave the same time from Houston, same Airline, and yet one goes to Newark, and the other Laguardia.

Quite so.

So He shall travel with son number 1. And I shall travel with son number 2. Lets hope that is thee highlight of surprises on our trip.

I will take photos and post when I get back. But that said, don't expect any postings, next week (Feb 15-19).

And now for a new look...


sherri said...

Dividing and conquering may make the trip with two kiddos more manageable, actually. Have a safe trip and great time!

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Yea! I'm starting to think it's a good idea too!

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