Dreaming of Mojitos as the Storm Approaches...

Well, we will be sitting around grumbling as New York City has decided to close schools, just in case, it's too miserable out tomorrow (Wednesday). I needed a day to myself for my zen project of organizing and packing for two boys, and myself. How Rude!

So while I begrudge the cold and impending storm.. I gaze longlingly at these photos of where I'll be next week; Manuel Antonio National Park.

We are staying just outside Manuel Antonio National Park, at a resort, (yes, I deserve a resort, dammit!) which somehow maintains its commitment to the environment, without sacrificing luxuries and amenities. The rooms are all situated in buildings that were constructed to fit around existing trees. It maintains "the highest level of certified sustainability." Among its many eco efforts, the resort uses solar power to heat water; recycles its waste water for use in irrigation; and employs recycled-plastic roof tiles made from discarded bags used in the banana industry.





I can't wait to try a guaro mojito, which is prepared with aguardiente (Costa Rican liquor made with sugarcane).


Jaeve + Things said...

That place looks fabulous!

Ash Fox said...

wow this place looks stunning! hope you have a wonderful time!


 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Oh it was just as beautiful as the pictures looked, and more! I wanna go back!!!

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