A pathetic attempt at an excuse...

Ok, well I've been a total slacker! Yes it's true. And last year was such a good year! Why is it every year starts and I say to myself, this is going to be a good year. Bad shit will just end. Well, bad shit never ends, it's just a matter of it being well balanced with good shit. And even better when the percentage is down to 30%, or less. Well last year a lot of bad shit happened. Well one thing in particular. And it took most of our emotional and in the end physical strength to carry on. And if you've ever lost a parent, then you know what I'm talking about. There is so much one goes through. This wasn't my parent, but my husbands parent. Grandpa Warfield.


I won't get into more details, but just to say, just when you think your moving ahead, you get thrown back two or three steps. And then depending on your personality, you get... unmotivated.

I tend to over-fill my plate. Then find myself confused as to what to do first. So I paralyze myself, get in bed, or spread out on the couch, with small fluffy friend (tiki, not so fluffy but very soft) and read.


Ok, another hour or two wasted. Oh, wait, wasn't I going to post that great blog idea today? Or I know, I was going to spend 2 hours writing. Did I mention I'm working on a book? I have 25,000 words so far... goal 40,000.

Oh but darn, there was that web design project I needed to attend to, and then the one I'm volunteering to do. When will I get to that one. Oh, well, tomorrow... there is always tomorrow.

I'm done with all this procrastination! Damn it! (excuse the cussing, I'm feeling peppy) I really will begin anew! And why not! I started Pilates for the first time 2 weeks ago. I have taken my 4th class today! And I feel... sore, but solid. Solid is a good word for it. I have also started to pay attention to what goes in my mouth. To be accountable for it. I was always good at this.. I could always count how many shots of Tequila I had. Was that 8?

But of late, I have slipped. Oh the holidays is the season to indulge. And my great friends baking, then me, me of all people baking too! I'm actually quite good at it! Who knew!?? Now I just need to learn to bake it and give it away!

So, on that note.. of productivity, doing things for oneself, getting ahead instead of behind... I am going to make a commitment, of at least 3 posts a week. Maybe more.. but never less.

So in preparation, I am planning out next week's post! So please come back, to find out about...
    1) Eva's Screening of "Peepshow" from Last week
    2) The Book club for the Mommy's Who Drink, beer included
    3) My Fabulous Pies
Have a lovely weekend!


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