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"Mr Weiss caught me doing donuts, again, this time I took out one of the bird houses (the tally to date being, 2 fruit trees, 1 birdhouse and part of the picnic table),  whoops…"


From: The Catskill Kiwi, Berry Pickin'

       I stumbled upon Catskill Kiwi blog by Toni a few weeks ago, and I still haven't been able to explore every nook and cranny.
       I love it!!! Her tagline: "An Urban Girl goes City Country City Country". I feel a kindred spirt, in that, I have recently been spending time up and out of NYC, not quite the catskills, but the Hudson Valley... Cold Springs and Garrison. We inherited a little "nest" from Grandfather that we are tenderly nurturing, for a time. Enjoying the winter, with more snow there, than in Brooklyn.
      The kids too, get to find some time sledding on our little bunny slope. I'm inspired to try snow boarding.. maybe.
       But in the mean time, I've been baking! (see tomorrow's post) And I will be breaking out the hoe and shovel and clippers and whatever else it takes, to start pruning, and gardening.

Let's hope the back doesn't give out!

Thanks Toni for more inspiration!

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