Freaky Fridays - My Moment of... huh?

Desert Storm, circa 1990, Women of War
"Operation Petticoat"


By the Leaders of  the art group"HolyLand" (1988-91), Reverend Ralph and Doctor Brett. 
Photography by John Eder.   
This shot was part of a series for a Calendar.  

Hmmm. You just got to wonder who the models are. I'm not at liberty to disclose their identity... but the one in the middle.. she went by the name of Dudette. She was studying Fine Art at the Art School in the mountains, and frequently modeled for students.


Peepshow, creepshow... Where did you get those eyes?


Last week I went to my friend director Eva Midgely's private screening for her film Peep Show in Soho, which she wrote and directed. Eva also played some of her earlier works from Erotic Moments, an award-winning series of seven short films, and the tease film Honey and Bunny.

Eva Midgely


“It’s a story of love and longing, loneliness and disconnect. And then there is this sliver of possibility…” - quote taken from SMart. I found it quite captivating.

The presentation took place at ION Studio, surrounded by her husband and longtime collaborator John Midgley’s fantastic, erotic and pre-raphalite series titled “Rapture”.

I can't help it, but my favorite is Honey and Bunny. I love the outfits, very sexy and luxurious, and the two girls that act out their little fantasies on each other are darling. Eva did this film a few years ago, also with John, for the luxurious lingerie and erotic toy Boutique, Coco de mer.

Look what I found on youtube. Honey and bunny.. Not for the prude or under 17 crowd...

This past summer, we lucked out when John graced my husband with this print from the "Rapture" series. I'm thinking it needs a elaborate renaissance gold frame!


More Eva Midgely Online:

  • An interview on Stockland Martel.

  • Eva's Reel, on quiet storms Films

  • Eva's Website

    Enjoy the show, you never know who will be watching you...
  • 1.27.2010

    Wednesdays Wacky Blog Blender

    Here's something I found from a Clutch 22 post on monday:

    Mammoth Talon Cuff by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons



    This amazing, creepy, sexy, scary bit of work is a collaboraton between Pamela Love and Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. I know, just know, Daniela would love them as much as myself... am I wrong?

    claws are carved out of 10-30,000 year old fossilized siberian woolly mammoth tusk bark. the cuff is oxidized solid sterling silver, with 6 small black diamonds set as a triangle on the palm of the talon.

    And while we are looking at their amazing products... can I just say... "darling, our anniversary is coming up soon..."






    Ok, somebody distract me quickly...


    A Tart goes to Heaven

    Lately, I'm pretending to be Suzi Crocker... or The Contessa Suzanne... or... something of that nature. I always referred to myself when it came to baking and stitching as, Martha on Crack. It's like it almost looks perfect, but if it looks perfect, something inside is not quite right. However, I've finally come a long way...

    Last weekend I tried out this recipe. Raspberry Peach Tart. Sounded delicious. Everything seemed to go well, but I had two main problems. One, I forgot to sift the flour. How bad could that be? And two, the peaches weren't perfectly ripe. Oh well… we must press on.

    It didn't come out that bad, and looked awfully pretty. It started out kind of dry, IMHO,but the longer it sat, those Raspberries blended nicely in and made it juicier.

    Have a look...

    Raspberry Peach Tart
    Prepared, and ready to be cooked


    Raspberry Peach Tart


    So, I thought, yum. This is a good idea. What if I changed a few things. Instead of Peaches and Raspberries, how about, Pears and Blueberries. I don't know? Why not. Just a guess. And this time, when I prepared the fruit, I added a little sugar, a dash of salt, and some cinnamon. The sugar idea I got from my friend, as she always puts sugar on her strawberries, and the salt, I had read about on another recipe. The cinnamon was my idea. Why not? The thing is, this recipe is lacking in description. I like recipes that tell you what something should look like, or give you tips. This is sort of made for someone who already knows what they're doing. So I had to play with it a few times.

    My son Dean, stepped in and helped me decorate the top with the pears and blueberries. Oh, and this time, I did not forget to sift the flour.

    The Blueberry Pear Tart
    All prepped for step 2


    Adding the confectioner's powder


    mmmm, yummy. Straight out of the oven


    The Magazine Shots:




    Marvelous Mondays Favorite Post Findings

    "Mr Weiss caught me doing donuts, again, this time I took out one of the bird houses (the tally to date being, 2 fruit trees, 1 birdhouse and part of the picnic table),  whoops…"


    From: The Catskill Kiwi, Berry Pickin'

           I stumbled upon Catskill Kiwi blog by Toni a few weeks ago, and I still haven't been able to explore every nook and cranny.
           I love it!!! Her tagline: "An Urban Girl goes City Country City Country". I feel a kindred spirt, in that, I have recently been spending time up and out of NYC, not quite the catskills, but the Hudson Valley... Cold Springs and Garrison. We inherited a little "nest" from Grandfather that we are tenderly nurturing, for a time. Enjoying the winter, with more snow there, than in Brooklyn.
          The kids too, get to find some time sledding on our little bunny slope. I'm inspired to try snow boarding.. maybe.
           But in the mean time, I've been baking! (see tomorrow's post) And I will be breaking out the hoe and shovel and clippers and whatever else it takes, to start pruning, and gardening.

    Let's hope the back doesn't give out!

    Thanks Toni for more inspiration!


    A pathetic attempt at an excuse...

    Ok, well I've been a total slacker! Yes it's true. And last year was such a good year! Why is it every year starts and I say to myself, this is going to be a good year. Bad shit will just end. Well, bad shit never ends, it's just a matter of it being well balanced with good shit. And even better when the percentage is down to 30%, or less. Well last year a lot of bad shit happened. Well one thing in particular. And it took most of our emotional and in the end physical strength to carry on. And if you've ever lost a parent, then you know what I'm talking about. There is so much one goes through. This wasn't my parent, but my husbands parent. Grandpa Warfield.


    I won't get into more details, but just to say, just when you think your moving ahead, you get thrown back two or three steps. And then depending on your personality, you get... unmotivated.

    I tend to over-fill my plate. Then find myself confused as to what to do first. So I paralyze myself, get in bed, or spread out on the couch, with small fluffy friend (tiki, not so fluffy but very soft) and read.


    Ok, another hour or two wasted. Oh, wait, wasn't I going to post that great blog idea today? Or I know, I was going to spend 2 hours writing. Did I mention I'm working on a book? I have 25,000 words so far... goal 40,000.

    Oh but darn, there was that web design project I needed to attend to, and then the one I'm volunteering to do. When will I get to that one. Oh, well, tomorrow... there is always tomorrow.

    I'm done with all this procrastination! Damn it! (excuse the cussing, I'm feeling peppy) I really will begin anew! And why not! I started Pilates for the first time 2 weeks ago. I have taken my 4th class today! And I feel... sore, but solid. Solid is a good word for it. I have also started to pay attention to what goes in my mouth. To be accountable for it. I was always good at this.. I could always count how many shots of Tequila I had. Was that 8?

    But of late, I have slipped. Oh the holidays is the season to indulge. And my great friends baking, then me, me of all people baking too! I'm actually quite good at it! Who knew!?? Now I just need to learn to bake it and give it away!

    So, on that note.. of productivity, doing things for oneself, getting ahead instead of behind... I am going to make a commitment, of at least 3 posts a week. Maybe more.. but never less.

    So in preparation, I am planning out next week's post! So please come back, to find out about...
      1) Eva's Screening of "Peepshow" from Last week
      2) The Book club for the Mommy's Who Drink, beer included
      3) My Fabulous Pies
    Have a lovely weekend!



    A Pooch Pouch...

    I'll have to thank Where The Lovely Things Are post for bringing this to my attention! A change purse to compliment my Tiki!


    These are from the animal themed bags from the Netherlands based line Keecie.


    And a Happy New Year to you!!!

    Things that made me smile this New Years Eve...

    A present from a friend... nesting hen.

    Son Dean, in his new Zara jacket...

    Son Jackson, in his new Stella for Gap jacket...

    My friends who thought of me on New Years Eve, and included me in the fun.

    I love all my friends! But I want to give an extra big hug to Victoria, Rikke, Jennifer, Daniela, Bess, Jamie, Maurine and Eva. Who all helped me smile at the end of the day.

    I love my girls, from all over the world!
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