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And through the bramble and thorns of life...

She discovered it was time to find a better moniker. She though of mommydrinks.. and wondered.. what image does that conjure up? A woman at the computer with a shot of Vodka... maybe a nice glass of wine. Ok, maybe just a coffee. But always, always mommydrinks. After a while it's become... boring. The original idea was... "what is your style?"... and she would say "well, mommydrinks". It was funny for a while. But now... with her life on a platter.. a smorgasbord of opportunities and places. Too much for her to contain, all by herself. Places and spaces that need organizing, managing, arranging... care taking... and the dabbles of life that involve baking, and dressing, and acting ones age. Sometimes. Well... it presented itself to her in a way that she could not dismiss.. but only embrace. It was time, to look into the looking glass, to fall head first, and to announce...

"I am
Lady Warfield"

Therefore.. I give you

lady Warfield Presents

I imported my posts to my new blog "lady Warfield Presents"... so it's really almost the same blog, but just changing the name and the design. I also decided to try out wordpress. Let's hope that wasn't a mistake, otherwise, I'm going to have to reverse it all.

Anyhow, so if you follow me, please don't stop. Just come on over to my new spot, and try follow me there.
Here's to a fantastic 2 years! And more to come!!


Lonny Magazine takes a trip to the Country

Taking a Break from my break to post this lovely little piece!

The newest issue of Lonny Magazine is out, and to my delight, a very fashionable friend of mine is smack on the cover! Deborah Lloyd, the co-president and creative director of Kate Spade, shares her home upstate with Lonny Mag, and us! It's beautiful, elegant and serene. A great way to kick off your shoes on the weekend to get away from the city buzz. Watch the video too.. you really get a sense for the light and space.

These were just a few of my favorite pics from the layout.







Read the full story here:


21 questions with stylist Daniela Jung

by suzanne warfield, July 30, 2009

Photo 230

Stylist Daniela Jung, graciously let me interview her via email this week. Daniela and I bonded during the presidential elections last year. She had me in hysterics at night, when we chatted via IM or text, dissecting the speeches between Obama and McCain, Palin and Biden. "Can you believe she just said that?" Then this year, the new obsession was the Real Housewives of New York City. Again... "Can you believe she just said that?"
      I recently spent a weekend with her, her partner Jelle (who by the way plays in the awesome band The Cold Stone Dandies and is a photographer) and their very lovely daughter Nico. It was a fun weekend to say the least!
       And by the way this is an interview with her, so without further adieu let's begin...

1. I think you have an amazing sense of style, so it only seems fitting that you ended up styling some of the most fashionable, and famous! How would you describe your signature look?
patti smith meets zandra rhodes

2. I heard you have collaborated with Mary Kate after you both really hit it off the first time you worked together. Tell me a bit about what you worked on with her.
I worked with MK and Ashley on their coffee table book "Influence", which was published last year -- it was a very collaborative effort as we have similar taste and gravitate towards the same things....I also work on their contemporary line "Elizabeth & James", which has become a mainstay in my wardrobe. These girls know what they're doing....


3. Who inspires you?
I can't really name a particular person, I get inspired by so many things - random people on the street, music, art, movies, great photography, travel...

4. what is your favorite store to shop in for work and what is your favorite store for just yourself?
well, now that it has finally arrived, I'd have to say Top Shop, but I also frequently hit Barneys, Zara and H&M for jobs. If I go shopping for myself, I usually go to vintage shops and flea markets, as going to regular shops makes me feel like I'm working! I love NY Vintage, Marmalade, Resurrection and Bless in New York - if in LA, I'll always check out Maxfield. I can also spend hours at Strand books...

5. What items do you have to splurge on?
Shoes! such a cliche, although I'm not a heels girl - but I'm obsessed with boots and always find new ones I like.

6. What are your favorite trends this season?
I'd like to think that I don't follow trends very much, but I do like that a lot of the fall collections were quite dark, androgynous, and layered, which reflects my personal style.

7. What trend would you most like to see disappear?
I call it "the bad 80's" - if you frequent American Apparel, you know what I mean....

8. What do you carry in your purse?
blackberry, keys, labello lip balm, tic tac's...nothing to exciting I'm afraid;-)

9. How do you keep in touch with the latest fashions?
By virtue of my job I get to see a lot of collections up close all the time, but I also follow a lot of blogs, as they give you an interesting perspective as to how people interpret current trends in fashion- and influence them!

10. Which magazines do you read? And which one is your favorite?
I like French Vogue, Tar, Self Service, Vice..my fav fashion mag is probably W, for the sheer fact that it exists in America!

11. Do you have any style tips specifically for me... LOL?
you have great personal style - you don't need any tips - honestly!

12. What is your favorite item in your closet?
Probably my Vivienne Westwood Seditionary Boots, I've had them for years, but I still love and wear them all the time. Another fav is a shearling coat from The Row that I pretty much wore every day this winter.

13. How did you get started as a stylist?
I started as an assistant at German Vogue and after I left, an art director friend suggested I should start styling - it was really a natural progression...

14. who are some of the most interesting people you've worked with.. just to name a few?
I'm a huge music fan, and worked as fashion director at Spin Magazine for five years - during that time I got to meet and work with so many of my fav bands and musicians - Morrisey, The Pixies, Kim Gordon, Jack White, Radiohead...also - working with Mick Rock, the legendary photographer - he's such a funny and humble man...

15. What is your favorite city for shopping?
Probably Berlin, because - although I'm german - it feels so foreign to me. shops have such different aesthetics, its really interesting and inspiring...

16. Who qualifies as a true fashion icon?
Kate Moss

17. Your from Germany... when did you move to the U.S? Was that before or after your gorgeous daughter Nico was born?
I came to NY the first time in 1996 and moved permanently in 1998, my daughter Nico was born here, but I always remind her that she's really European:-)

18. What do you think are the biggest differences between american style and german style, and then again, the similarities?
I would say they both like their comfort, although Germans are more conservative dressers - you won't see people past a certain age wearing sneakers for instance. it also seems that germans are somehow perpetually stuck in the 80's - when I look at german celeb magazines, I still see a lot of big hair and blue eyeshadow...

19. Who is your dream client living or dead?
Verushka! She's so iconic and interesting - I'd love to collaborate with her on something.... I actually met her once, years ago, at a mutual friends house for dinner - she brought a meatloaf that she made and afterwards I called all my friends and told them I had Verushka's meatloaf for dinner! It was surreal...

20. Whose closet would you most like to raid?
probably Verushka's - when I met her, she told me she had all this boxes of vintage clothes from the 60's and 70's - can you imagine?!

21. What do you enjoy most about being a stylist?
That I get to work on so many vastly different projects and and work with so many incredibly talented people. I get to travel, and I really appreciate that my job gives me an outlet to be creative. I always remind myself how lucky I am to get paid well for something I enjoy doing.

One thing I'll add... Tomatoes are out, and Pickles are in!


Visit Daniela's website to see her portfolio:

nyloncover [ after writing this post, I looked at Daniela's site again, and realized, she styled Scarlett Johansson last July for the cover of Nylon. One of my favorite covers that I held on to, just cause I love the look of that photo.. the rock chick glamour look! And I didn't even realize she styled her!! ]


The lovely journey of a family of Peonies

In the beginning, or better yet, in their re-birth, they made a hearty try, struggling against a late frost. But as hard working families do, they pulled through, even if looking a bit tired in the beginning...

But the sun came, the earth warmed to with the glow, and it fed nutrients and earthworms into the soil, and the family of peonies grew...

It was time to share them with the world, so Lady Warfield, carefully picked the strongest families and gently packed them up in wet towels, taking the long and yet short journey from the country side to the city..

On their journey, they found delight in the warm glow cast upon them by the passerbyers and the passengers on the train. Master Dean was delighted, as was his little dog Tiki, to share them their Brooklyn friends, and adorn their home with their beauty...

And beautiful they look.. all together in their very own new home.

And the sun still shines on them, as more of them open up to absorb the light...



Look Mom, there's a flock of Giant birds on the Lawn


These are actually what's called Guinea hens. Crazy little birds, ugly, and yet, very uniquely interesting. They come up and visit us quite often. It's great pretending you have hens and horses, just because your neighbors do, and they are either so close, or just love to pop by for a cluck cluck cluck.




Dancing till I trip into the Cab...

Which I think I did.

Here we go. The moment you have been waiting for! My stunning self squished into the second dress! And how lucky was I that in one week I had 3 occasions to go out and dress up in cute little silky dresses. This, my favorite piece, I wore Saturday Night to my friend Sonya's birthday. And what fun night! I made some new friends too.

Queen of Tarts


Here I am with my famous Blueberry and Pear Tart, turned into a Birthday cake for Sonya

This is "thee" mommies of Brooklyn. Well we are missing a few, but they couldn't make the event! I would call this show, "The Real Ladies of Brooklyn". Not "housewives", because how does that define anyone solely? And not all are "housewives"! Single moms! Hmmm.


Top Photo: Me, Sonya & Jennifer. Round Photo: Daniela, Jennifer, Sonya & me.
Bottom Left: Victoria a& Sonya.  Right Bottom: Me & Jennifer


And introducing Marco, my dream date.


My New Collection

If two can count as a collection, then I'm on my way.

Last week, I dipped into my earnings, and bought two, (yes two... one just would not do!) dresses by the very young, and very talented Margarita Saplala. I rarely go to Dear Fieldbinder, as I sometimes find there things don't work for me... but last week I peaked in and had a lot of success.

I stumbled upon these two dresses:
(see me in the one pictured second, here on my recent post "Fashion Night Out")

Still waiting for some photos from Saturday's night out, where I wore that first dress to my friend's birthday party.

Both dresses, were designed by the creative and talented Margarita Saplala. Her printed dresses are fresh and playful, but not really girly, because the patterns are geometric and feel more like drawings from her portfolio. It is so me!




Fashion Night out At The Brooklyn Museum of Art


I haven't a clue what to do... with my hair! Oh my!!!
So I keep cutting it. It's fun! And quite sexy looking... for now. The temptation to grow is always there... But now, Chop Chop Chop... and why not right before a big event. All with my own two hands!

(all ready to go, in my new dress by New York Designer: Margarita Saplala

American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection

Yes, Last thursday, I was invited to attend The Brooklym Museum who has partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to present a major fashion exhibit showcasing 85 costumes, many of which haven't been on display in 20 years. An amazing collection, with pieces from Dior, Divecy, Elsa Scapareli the surrealist and Charles James, a cult figure of american design. Many of these costumes were worn by very special people, including, Queen Victoria.

Exhibit dates: May 7–August 1, 2010
Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing, 4th Floor

Norman Norell (American, 1900–1972). Evening Ensemble, 1970–71. Gold organdy, beaded gold silk jersey. Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of Toni Tavan Ausnit, 1990 (2009.300.1383a–b)

It was a fabulous evening, and I took advantage of the empty halls, and elegent people, and took a turn into...


Kiki Smith (American, b. Germany 1954). Singer (detail), 2008. Cast aluminum, 65 x 27 x 24 in. (165.1 x 68.6 x 61 cm). © Kiki Smith, courtesy the artist and The Pace Gallery. Photo by Volker Dohne/Courtesy of The Pace Gallery

On Exhibit: February 12–September 12, 2010
Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, 4th Floor

In this exhibition, artist Kiki Smith's installation explores creative inspiration and the cycle of life in relation to women artists. From the milestones of birth and death to experiences such as the daily chores of domestic life. Beautiful, striking, and thoughtful. I would love to have one of her drawings hanging on my wall.

(Klara and me having fun with Kiki's arts)


The Lady has Style



What can I say about Tor? She's amazing. She is a mother, wife, co-owner of White Rabbit England, and a renovation artist. She can turn anything around. Take something old and unwanted, and make it new. Or something new and boring, and antique it.

I'm going to figure out a way to make her famous!


How do you Do? Well thanks for asking, I do nicely in Leather!

Introducing My New Leather Jacket!



rickowens Purchased at a local store here in Brooklyn (lovely but way too expensive to normally walk in). Yes, it wasn't cheap, but not crazy either, like the 1,200 Pound version from Rick Owns on net-a-porter (see photo and link to left).

It took me a bit to make out the name... the tag says line. (with the period). But eventually I figured it out, and found it on the Bloomingdales site. It is Line, style "ellen". Found it also on Piperlime.

But mine's in black. I bet you could tell that from the pictures. Sure, I would love to afford the Rick Owens version. And I've rocked my Target version for some time. But I thought I deserved something in-between. I have been very good this year!

remember... shhhhh!


A Conversation with a my Favorite Fashionista

Florence is 9. She has been incorporating her mother's wardrobe with pieces her father brings home from work, and pared them up with her own bits and pieces, creating a look that is special to her self.

Last weekend when I tromped over to my dear friend Victoria's birthday party, I encountered the most stylish of us all. Florence. Decked out in her Top hat, Stella McCartney for gap jacket, and a pair of her moms high heels. Jealousy coursed through my body, wishing I myself had a cool jacket like that, and could walk in heels as graciously as she.

For shame.

I came to my senses, and realized, here, the little tomboy who used to run about with popsicle goo on her face, growing up along side my two wild boys, slinging mud and catching frogs at the beach, has matured into a lovely little Fashionista. I was impressed, to say the least. So as I teetered home late that night, I knew she must be my first interview, or conversation, that I would have with many of the future fashion divas to come.

So I sat down with Florence at the Brooklyn Hideaway, in the lovely patio, and we talked about individual style, and where she gets her ideas from...

Me: When did you start becoming interested in fashion?

flo: When I started this game called Style Savvy. It's a DS game, where you have your own boutique and you have to make people happy, with... um clothes you pick out by seeing what brand they like. Like girly pink, and wearing black with bow ties, and stuff like that.

Oh. Do you get to mix and match things on your own?


And do you save it?

Well... You don't exactly save it... You put together an outfit that you think they might like. You press ok, then take a look. If they don't like it, you go back and find another outfit. You get 3 chances, but then if they don't like it on the 3rd chance, they just don't buy and leave. But if they do, they buy it and take their bag with them. Or they dress up. Like yesterday, I was playing on it, and this girl who really loves my shop, came and asked for a nice outfit to match her shoes, and she loved it and she wore it home. And it had a little tag hanging right here. (laughter)

You would really love this app called Closet for the iPhone...

Oh my mom has that!

Yeah? Well that would be good for you too. You could go and take pictures of your favorite pieces, not everything, that would be too time consuming... You could create outfits from those items. Some people don't need that, but some people need reminders of what works better with certain items.

So who is your favorite fashion influence?

My dad....(much clearing of throat from background) and mommy. (laughter)

But your daddy does brings home a lot of fun things for you.

yah, sometimes.

Where does he get them?


What does he do?

He's a journalist... he writes about fashion, pea coats... for boys and girls.

But mainly men right?

Well, yeah.

He works at a mens magazine right? (more laughter from mommy and Flo)

Yeah, sort of.

Esquire, right?

yea esquire.

The other night I saw you at your mommies birthday, all dressed up. Will you describe you outfit you wore to her birthday?

A crewcuts little dress with tight skinny legging-thing jeans. A jacket.. gap kids... (whispering) Stella McCartney gap... an old fashioned jacket with heavy laces, and fancy buttons...

What did it remind you of?

Michael Jackson

Exactly... But you had that on...

and a top hat and glasses

Yeah top hat and little mirrored sunglasses

The top hat was dad's idea.

But what did you have on your feet???

High heels.. (giggles)

Do you know who they were.. they must have been something fancy since they came from your mommy...

no, they weren't a designer.

No.. oh but you looked really fashionable!

So... you are very young and you have the world ahead of you... but does fashion influence your world a lot? Might it be in your future?

Maybe... I don't know.

Well there is plenty of time.

It was so great talking with you!! Maybe next time, we'll do a video interview!!!

Thank you florence for doing this interview with me!!!

This is a photo of Flo with my Son Jackson, over the holidays with their new McCartney jackets

Below, the live audio of our conversation:

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