Private Affair

The first single from the Virgins self-titled album "The Virgins" which was released on June 3,2008. The video has that gritty, grainy effect that can only come from taping something on TV straight to a used VHS, if you can remember back that far… And the video is styled after one of those late night cable adult shows, like the Robyn Bird show, or one on Channel J, where the host introduces dancers from different gender, (remember Ugly George?). Each dancer does their bit, and at the end they all sit around the host, and talk and wish everyone goodbye.

I can't imagine that the boys in the Virgins ever saw one of these late night shows back in the day. They seemed to dissapear in the late 90's. I have a feeling the director had something to do with it...


Lady Gaga's hidden secret...

There is more to Lady Gaga than her eccentric out of this world costumes, disc spinning dancing tunes.

This video clip is from New York University's annual talent show four years ago. Laday Gaga, but then just Stefani Germanotta, performs two songs she wrote herself.
"She came in third place. At the end of her performance, one of the judges says: "Norah Jones, look out!" - (original quote and article taken from boingboing.net)

And now, wow. What ever you think about her music.. or her crazy get ups.. as performance and art, it's incredibly creative.

Here is a music video from her new album, The Fame Monster, which came out Today.

I love the last little bit.. her on the bed with her tits sparking next to the corpse!

I think I found a new heroine.


Amy Immortalized

To add to your dusty barbie collection!




White Rabbit England in the press!

Alway love to showcase my friends with great news! So here we have, White Rabbit England, in the news!


A Reunion

still smokin' : Moe, myself, Marybeth, & Bambie


Another reunion...

Here I go.. I'm off to Virginia for the weekend for my "fill in the blank" high-school reunion.

Me on that glorious day.

A few of the girls I will be seeing... do you recognize me, and my glorious 80's looks along the way?

Moe and me.

Me and Bambie... Bambie was the original Flare girl.


Me and Marybeth.. who graduated the year before.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains

ladues and genlt

Have you ever seen or heard of "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains"?
It was a missing paramount picture from 1981.

An incredible Cast!!!

Starring Diane Lane, Laura Dern and Marin Kanter as teen girls in a punk band.
The film also featured Ray Winstone (of sexy beast), Christine Lahti, ex-Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook, along with Paul Simonon from The Clash, Vince Welnick and Fee Waybill from The Tubes.



Produced by Joe Roth, who now runs disney. Directed by Lou Adler, directed up in smoke. And written by Nancy Dowd, who also wrote Slapshot, and coming home.

It's about a teen girl band, who run away from home, who open up for some english punkers and a washed up metal act.   Through the media, they become stars.. their look and attitude inspiring girls everywhere...  rise to fame,  only to crash and burn, and yet they find true success from the whole process.


Made in 1980.. it wasn't released. But it aired on late night tv a few times.
Now finally, it's been released (2007), 18 years after it was made.   If you want to know more about this movie and why it was unfortunately not released to theaters, see documentary below.

I discovered it doing one of those netflix searches... looking at one movie that brought up another... and came across it.    I would have loved this movie if I had seen it, and would have died my hair and become a Skunk.

I really enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it to all!

Part One.

Part Two.

This is a great video put together by  Miapink on youtube. Music Provided By The Horrors!!!  It shows, lots of great clips from the film.

I just had to add... that although I did not see this film... and I don't think it came to late night TV until 88. Somehow, just somehow, in 1984 I had a very very similar hair-do. I used to paint red and orange in my blonde using vegetable dye.

(photos of myself, and Barbara, aka Bambie, partner in crime, vcu 1984)
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