clothing swap steals

A few weeks back, my lovely friend Victoria decided to have a clothing swap. We were nervous, because we'd never done this before. And I thought all my cast off clothing would be useless and not wanted by my friends, let alone a few new faces. I'm also much taller and broader in the shoulders, and NO I don't wear a size 4 pants, so what could anyone possibly share with me??!! But as it turns out, it went fabulously. First thing I acquired was this great jacket in the picture above. The label says River Island. Never heard of it before, but it's so soft and scrumptious. Also the belt. Looks like some fancy belt with the silver lion, but I've never heard of the label as well, but it's made in England. Ok, so the rest of it is mine. But I love the belt and jacket with my wool vest I bought last year.

In the end, most of what I made off with were scarfs and belts. But there are a few summer skirts from calypso (ala Rikke), and some crazy cotton summer tube dresses and shirts by Darryl K, as Darryl joined us as well, and insisted I could work them into my wardrobe. We'll see next summer.

So, in conclusion... clothing swaps rock. I highly recommend them!



Pattie said...

Awesome steel!
Looks great on you :)

And, have fun working those dresses into your wardrobe!

Daisy said...

Fab belt !

Penny Lane said...

i usually call it REAL style ^^
you have a really nice blog =)!!

PL ♥

Berlin Deluxxe said...

New or swapped, you always look great <3

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