Sweet William


Last week, I took a detour, with friend Tor, to drop off one of her fab nightlights, at a little store called Sweet William, in williamsburg brooklyn. It's a darling little children's clothing store that carries independent designers, with the highest quality, and environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturers. Tor's little white rabbit will fit in perfectly!

My favorite, were 3 things. 2 lovely stuffed animals by hansa, and a blue bird in it's next with eggs, by waldorf handworks.

Your never too old for stuffed animals!!



visit Sweet William online or at:
112 north 6th street,
brooklyn ny 11211


lucyslounge-dee said...

i finally got a chance to have agood look around your blog its great. i'll be aregular visitor. d

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Yea!!! Thank you so much!!!
I haven't been such a regular "poster" of late. Lots on my plate, so the posting is down to 2 a week.. I'm trying to bring it back up!


Berlin Deluxxe said...

Such amazing and cute toys! Love the details on the hens feathers!

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