The fabric swooshes so smoothly and sexy, as their long legs glide down the runway.

I have to agree with Gale:

Wow...just watched the Proenza Schouler video of their runway show.
I had liked it when I saw the photos, but shit....when u see the clothes move, you realise how phenomenally talented these designers are...how they create so much texture and movement through print and color and shine. Seeing it flat you miss 50% of the story.
I have just been taking it for granted for so long, as we are so spoiled by the available instantaneous/copious quantity of reference material, that you no longer digest the deftly played artisnal skills.
I am amazed.

See for yourself:

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Ash Fox said...

i agree. nothing compares to seeing the clothes in action. so often i will dismiss a collection and then be amazed by a video of it.



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