What do Pirates and Guitars have in common...

Fender finds up-and-coming artists to paint guitars. These two were crafted by Jason Smith, and painted by Lysa Provincio. Mighty cool, eh?!



Check out more her lovely paintings and drawings on her blog; The Art of Lysa Provencio.

I went through a phase where I was determined to learn the guitar.. 4 years ago. I was very disciplined, and practiced every day. What motivated me was taking the lesson weekly, and sitting down with my instructor, Jimmy. I eventually stopped taking the lessons, hoping I would continue on, without his support. But not having someone to play with, and having many other hobbies and projects, it slowly turned into less and less practice. I've been meaning to pick it up again. I really loved that time I spent working on it.

Thanks to my brother for enlightening me about were, via boingboing.


Revolution Malibu said...

Great guitars!!! Love them!

Ash Fox said...

love the one with the crocodile. makes me think of peter pan and captain hook! i unfortunately missed your friend's performance. i think i was in fire island that night. def let me know when they are playing next. would love to meet you.



 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Yeah! Next time he's playing, and were both in town, I'll let you know! That would be great!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Love the piratey theme... I need one.

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