Big News: Tavi's on Top

The news on the web is that the famous Fashion Blogger Tavi Lands the POP Magazine Cover, with background artwork by Damien Hirst. Tavi was on the preview cover of Love magazine and now she might be on the next cover of POP.

Personally, I'm thrilled to see the smart and creative Tavi gaining recognition outside the circle. If only I had a computer when I was 13!

Tavi's kept me busy for quite some time now, enjoying her witty, sarcastic and stylish posts. Check them out for yourself, at
Style Rookie.

Ps. I'm not threatened by a smart 13 year old. I feel like she is more of an old soul in a young girls body. You go girl!


Revolution Malibu said...

GREAT post! Love hearing stories like this!

*PINK CEREZAS* said...

i agree with you, she is amazining ^^

nice post mummy!

WorkItBerk said...

She's great!

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