They are just Stone Cold Dandy!!


The Stone Cold Dandies have a lot of steve mcQueen love going on. Being a huge McQueen fan myself, I was delighted to see their musical homage to the late great Bullitt star. In fact, I can just see the background music to this clip set to Costa Crica (see video below).


I absolutely love their music and I'm dying to see them play. Lucky for you they are playing this Thursday! But alas, I am away.

The band is:
Aramis Estevez - Vocals, guitar
Iron Styx - Drums
Jelle Wagenaar - Bass


Photos by Daniela Jung

Up and coming show!
This Thursday night, July 30th
68 Jay Bar
68 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY

a preview from a recent gig:

friend them on facebook:

Right, now you want to know how did I come across them? Jelle is a friend of mine. His Lady is one of my dearest! Daniela! I'll hopefully being doing an interview with her this week, or next. They are the coolest, in the most laid back way, with a darling little girl.

Stay tuned for more!

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Super cool!
I adore Steve McQueen, even used his pic for my blog header...

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