I need a Yupik and a Wink!

White Rabbit England, is the gorgeous creation of sisters Charlotte and Victoria, who dream of fairies dancing in the firelight in an old english cottage deep in the woods.... or so I imagine.


As little girls Victoria and her sister Charlotte slept with an enchanting pottery toadstool light beside their beds. Hand painted in earthenware and decorated with dancing elves and fairies, it was the magical centrepiece of their bedside table, filling their bedroom with a gentle, reassuring light.

So of course, why wouldn't they grow up wishing to re-create that reassuring element of their childhood, to their very own children, and ours!

Gorgeous and darling night lights, shaped as toadstools and rabbits, and contemporary lamps decorated with bold stripes and flowers, a range of boxed breakfast sets, exquisite 100% Cashmere collection and now these darling knitted dolls.


Visit their website and blog, to discover more about their products, their beauty and their talent.

125_1_thumbshortlistedOh yeah, and their White Rabbit Nightlight just won Gift of The Year 2009

Keep up on her blog, and Victoria will let you know any upcoming shows and announcements!

oh, one last photo... This photo is from the kids trade show in Harrogate just last month. There is one coming up mid August right here in New York City!



Rikke said...

loooove it, love White Rabbit!!

Anonymous said...

love White Rabbit, love your post......

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Those are adorable! Love the little girls too :)

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