I need a good pair of suspenders with wings!

Suspenders: Valentine Gauthier. Model: Alexandra.

I first stubbled across these delightful suspenders on Fashion Copious. A wonderful source of models and fashion inspiration.


This detail was taken by Betty at Le Blog de Betty in Valenine Gauthier's shop. I adore this blog. She's adorable, and a great sense of style.


Revolution Malibu said...

Suspenders are amazing! So is Le Blog De Betty ! Thanks for the tip!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Love these! Oh my I really do!

Yet said...

I've seen girls rock Suspenders SO HARD!! I say, if you do it right, they never ever go out of style! hehe

Pattie said...

Man I have always loved suspenders :)
They remind me of overalls which I also love lol

I have been wanting some for a while

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