What about Farrah!

Today I'm feeling a little on the quiet side. The drizzle that persists, puts me in a very solemn place.

It could also be the loss of 2 pop icons of my generation, First, Farrah Fawcett, and then Michael Jackson. Poor Farrah, struggled so much to keep her fame, going out with a documentary to remind everyone.. and on her final day, her final curtain call, she gets trumped by Michael. What Irony.

If he hadn't died on the same day, Farrah would be featured prominent on the cover of every website today. But instead, she is a sideline, not a headline. And nothing to say Michael doesn't deserve it. He does. He was an important part of our culture, he was after all the "king of Pop". But let us not forget, Farrah was the queen of pop culture too. She rained in the late 70's. Every girl tried to do a Farrah do. Every boy had her poster on their wall. And she was the first actress to break out of the sex icon to serious actress role.

To Farrah and Michael,

I hope you have both found peace.


Berlin Deluxxe said...

Reminds me of how Mother Teresa's death was overshadowed by Lady Di's.
May all rest in peace.

Ash Fox said...

it's sad because they were so young. michael seemed like a tortured soul. such a talent.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Is that him with a baby tiger?? Nuts.

gauci123 said...

may both rest in peace

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