Something delicious on the menu for the weekend...

My lovely brooklyn-german-mommy-friend, Daniela, shared a lovely email this morning, reminding me of the delights of the Vintage Market at Artists & Fleas, in Williamsburg!

Check out Sarah Gregory's vintage late 70's brazilian woven sandals and flats, platforms, wedges and boots, and soft cotton indian blouses and dresses all starting as low as $28.

The Vintage Market at Artists & Fleas, is a new market showcasing 16 local vintage collectors and dealers and their collections of furniture, clothing, housewares and decor, accessories and more. Come check it out this Saturday!


and then, if your not shy, and you love sexy art.. my lovely brooklyn-british-mommy-girlfriend, Victoria, shared this lovely artist, Erika Harrsch. Celebrate butterflies and the sacred Vulva!

Have a lovely Weekend!!!

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Annie said...

Ooh, I would love to check out that vintage stuff...

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