"Since everything is in our heads, we had better not lose them"

-Coco Chanel

Today, I shall highlight the aforementioned, Daryl Kerrigan, and her sexy, strong, rocker-chic elegant, and yet delicate fashions for women. I can not imagine someone with a weak charachter wearing her clothes. They say it's not the clothes that wear the woman, but the woman who wears the clothes... and its true. Have you ever tried to wear something that just wasn't you? Your personality is stronger than a garmet. But find the garmet that matches you, and you have a match that is a perfect fit of your personality and the design.

I do ramble sometimes, don't I?

Last week I posted a piece (Kim Gordon tagged and autographed a bunch of 90's vintage Daryl K pieces from her personal collection, and Urban Outfitters has put them up on eBay)... and then I ran into Daryl the next day. And she promised another tennis rematch soon.

I mentioned this in my last piece, but Daryl still has that shop on 21 Bond street, nyc. It never went away. If you live in NY, or are traveling, you need to see it.


Daryl has two lines, Daryl K and Kerrigan. I don't know, but I love them both. I'm tempted to do one of my superimposed heads over her models... but I'm too busy this week. It is the last week of school for the boys, and I'll be running around getting things done, before we take off for the month of July. Don't worry, I'll actually be able to post more in July, and read more blogs. I'm having some down time!!

So here are just a sample of my favorite looks from each line:



Daryl K


Don't forget to visit her website: darylk.com


dr sherman said...

I love Daryl K! Used to own a few pieces, don't know what happened to them in all of my relocations. Good to know the store is still around, just got to get my booty to the east coast.

Annie Spandex said...

Once again, bright blue shoes are haunting me...

And I love the shoulders on that one with the leggings!

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

I know!! They totally rock.

Ugh, did I say that?

oh well.

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