on my way back from the venice fashion show...

yes sorry, that is why I haven't had time to blog in the last day.. I had to make an appearance in the Chanel Fashion show in Venice. It was such a blur! It hardly feels like I was there.

To my horror I had forgotten to shave my legs!

Thankfully I had 15 minutes to pull it all together in time for the show!


BlondieLox said...

this is cute.

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

I have a weird sense of humor.
I love plopping my head on other people!!!
It's definitely not an identity crisis.. more of a temporary possession.
like acting, virtually.


Ash Fox said...

you are hilarious! i love the furry legs pic! haha. i am finished with your shirts finally! i will be sending them out today.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, nice.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

You are a doll, with or without shaved legs! lol :)

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