Ten Followers!!!


Ok... so it's still just a small number. But I'm only 3 months old! LOL.

But I want to thank those of you who do follow this blog! Some follow through readers, feedburner or bloglovin', or some other mysterious way... But I love it when someone follows my blog with Google Friend Connect, and their little icon shows up in my right hand column!

So this morning when I checked my blog and I saw I have now reached number 10 (well it was 11, but one was myself so I deleted it) was so excited! I want to thank each and everyone one of my Followers!

Thank you!!

What a great title! What a cool banner! There is so much to see her, and so much to explore! I can't wait to learn and read more. Thank you so much for being my 10th follower!

#10 Blondie_lux
How fantastic! What a great name! What a fabulous banner! I can't wait to go through all of her work, and links. Thank you for being my 10th Follower!

#9 What the Pros Do
What The Pros Do is a lovely mix of useful tips, advice and reviews by Alex. I Love this site! She's been very helpful to me unknowingly and now in the know with my own little blog.

#8 Rikke's Dog Blog
Now this is a sexy mommy with style who is an amazing dog trainer! If you are looking for someone in the New York area who can help you train your dog Rikke is the lady you are looking for! BTW, she's one of my dearest and best friends!

#7 A seed Grows in Brooklyn
Another one of my dearest and best friends, is Bess. Another sexy mommy who works hard, and plays with blogs! LOL. She just couldn't help herself!

#6 ~o!*PeNgUiN sWeEtNeSs*!o~
Terry Rocks! I love her little penguins!

#5 White Rabbit England
Ok, what can I say! More lovely best friends who blog!!! Victoria is a Mummy of 2 from London living in Brooklyn. Her and her sister Charlotte make beautiful and original ceramic nightlights for our children.

#4 Structured Chaos
Hail Patty! I remember when she only had 20 followers! Now up to 52! Fantastico! And always there to leave me a comment when I think no one is reading!!

#3 Mommy's Boudoir
She seems to have me listed, but her blog is still unrealized. Let's wish her good luck and getting that going!

#2 Holistica Naturopathic
Dr. Sherman is in the house! With a few blogs going, this is her, more business side blog. I have known leah since college, and we both rediscovered each other, first on myspace, then facebook, and now through blogs!

#1 Little Bird Brooklyn
Another mysterious follower. Can't wait to see more!

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments!!


BlondieLox said...

yay! i saw the ting tings a couple weeks ago! & met dj lance rock!!!

just saw them on your blog & it got me all excited! :)

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Yay Ting Tings! They are my favorites! How lucky for you to meet up with them. I really need to get out more! Thanks for stopping by!!

what the pros do... said...

Great post ;)

Thanks for the mention and here's to many more followers!

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