scooting around, getting things done...

I'm overwhelmed with the approaching break; last minute details for a trip to Virginia to visit grandma, last day of school, soccer practice, tennis, and work. Yes, I do have work!

But we also need to listen to some music.

and breathe.

Florida was fun!

Our trip out was delayed by 6 hours.. but we had fun anyhow:

What did I do? Read books, magazines, enjoy the sun (in the shade) and ate loads of food!
British Vogue Article:

Tor is always very chic.

And of course, late nights by the pool with a glass of wine!

Leaving was sad, but Brooklyn is a good place to go home too!

btw, these are my favorite shoes:

1 comment:

Victoria Sullivan & Charlotte Thompson said...

Suzanne you are soo funny !
Well what a blast we all had!
Feel well rested a little burnt huge thanks to Jen who is still there by the way ! And yes I did buy a book but had too many great mags to read so never turned the page.
Maybe next girly trip?

Love Tor x

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