Ce que le docteur a prescrit

a couple of weeks ago I came across an etsy podcast of a very, beautiful boutique. I thought it was just a boutique. But it turns out, it was more than that. I love the podcasts off etsy, the little short flicks on different independent artists, designers and shops. Well this one had me.

Boudoir Queen! Yes, Divine and decadent is a great description! Well known for making fabulous stage clothes and accessories for many recording artists and film starlets. And for us, on Etsy you can find a few things to purchase to add to your hidden starlet collection.

Designer Dawn Younger-Smith's style is mixed with her love of the 1920's with a sultry sexy style... She designs fabulous Boudoir Doll purses, clothing and a fabulous Accessory line. A favorite is her wrist cuffs and collars. Mine too!

This is the video I saw that drew my interest:

Vist Boudoir Queen online:
boudoirqueen blog
larger photos and events

These are two photographs from a photoshoot with Courtney Love, styled by Boudoir Queen:


Pattie said...

This is so you! And I hope you have fun on you trip!

Yet said...

gosh, this collection is so very saucy. and yes, so there might be a couple things in my closet for a secret escape from the norm but i'll never admit it...

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

IT is saucy!

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