no... not brulee, bebè!

when i used to live in the east villiage, and my boys were 0-2, I used to frequent this great store called CremBebè. Barbara, the owner, a really nice italian girl with a son of her own, always helped me find unique independent clothes for the boys. And frequently gave me discounts because I dropped a load on merch back then. Yes, a long time ago I had one of those high paying internet jobs with a title to match... executive something or other.

Anyhow, she's still there, and she still has these amazing edgy kids clothes. But it's the way she pares them that's the best. oh and even better.. she's having a huge sale right now! Take a look at some...

68 2nd Avenue, between 3rd & 4th Str.
New York, N.Y. 10003


Pattie said...

I love those clothes and the pictures too

Estrella said...

They look so cool!! i hope my sons look like them...

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