i'm having a Mary McFadden moment...

fall/winter 1999: Mongolian wedding gown with beading and embroidery. © AP/Wide World Photos.

fall/winter 1999: sheared mink coat with a stenciled leopard print. © AP/Wide World Photos.

champagne, darling, only champagne!


Rikke said...

Ok so the whole Mary Mcfadden thing .....don't take it too far.......she's a serious alcholic, and you know, your name is already Mommydrinks! Next you'd start having to have 21 year old boys following you around......it'll be a mess.
Look Mom, I managed to post a blog post on my blog :-)))

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

I saw!! Congrats for you!!! Don't forget spell check!!!

Ok, but that's her charm!!! She got kidney stones from drinking so much, and 11 husbands under her very chic belt! You gotta love her... and then walk away from the train wreck!

I'd drink more champagne if it didn't throw me down for 24 hours after!!!

now go back and blog some more!!!


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