finding my roots...

ok, well not entirely true.. actually continuing to cover my roots! Which I believe are a lovely combination platter of silver gray and dishwater brown. But I once was a platinum naturally, and then artificially. In my 20's, 30's and now, 40's. I love playing with the color. And even now, it's not quite right... needs a bit of toning.

Bored, unreasonably bored, for no reason, because I have so much work to do, that I find myself procrastinating and rifling through photos, and found some earlier documentation of the platinum variety.

Thought I'd share them.

early on, the natural. This is about when my brother referred to me as "Frisbee head", - 1968

around 25, in Nice, France, very Annie Lenox (or billy idol) - 1990

6 years later. Very inspiring. - 1996

a year later... at my wedding. - 1997

Today. Right now. This minute. - 2009


K @ Blog Goggles said...

I love your blonde hair! I don't know if I could pull it off at all, but yours is the style I think I would want.

Love the pictoral history, too! :)

Pattie said...

You have Great pictures!!! And you have aged very well :)
And i know how you feel with the procrastination sigh...maybe i should get some work done....

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Thank you both.

Very kind, very kind.

Honestly I really am only 14. LOL. At least I act anywhere between that and 35. I love my age. And I love the path that got me to where I am. I say embrace it all!


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