5 days and counting

girl trip
girl trip - by mommydrinks on Polyvore.com

what will Victoria, Jennifer and Suzanne do when they first arrive in Florida? Will it be straight to the pool, the beach, or the bar?

Suzanne is thinking about what to pack. Her new black silk jumpsuit, her Pucci looking poolside cover up, her brand new H&M bathing suit.... and 2 vampire books.

Jennifer is thinking about freedom, and saki. She's lucky she has two friends who will keep on eye on the bar.

Victoria is stocking up on magazines to read by the pool. She's already dug out her summer clothes from the basement and is organizing her suitcase. She's prepared!

5 days to go, and the plane will take off, and the three will head south. 80 degrees and sunny. Nothing else matters. No laundry to do, floors to sweep, paint or mop, kids to put to bed and no getting up early. And no censoring their adjectives and verbs.

Freedom of responsibility for 3 days.

Victoria's Outfits:
New & Hot: Chloe "Andy" Satchel
New & Hot: Chloe "Andy" Satchel - by LadyJolie on Polyvore.com
going to the Beach!
going to the Beach! - by CaThe✿ on Polyvore.com

Jennifer's Outfits:
Where the ocean meets the sky I'll be sailing..
Where the ocean meets the sky I'll be sailing.. - by imgreatgal on Polyvore.com
Color beach !
Color beach ! - by Van Ark on Polyvore.com

Suzanne's Outfits:
Beach style.
Beach style. - by xsieemaa on Polyvore.com
Black and white
Black and white - by xoxoTuff T-AY-L-O-Rxoxo on Polyvore.com


Victoria Sullivan & Charlotte Thompson said...

oH Yeah !!

Totally got the outfits right especially my second selection.
So yes I have finally got into the basement & found my Summer gear.
Its actually quite exciting looking at all the clothes I lived in last Summer & they smell like Summer too.
But most are looking rather sad & old. But alas no budget for anything new this year but can definitely make it work.
MMmmmm what to take though,the girls said a small bag but I NEED choices. Can we go glam Moroccan style , Pucci or low key denim ?
Ladies please help. ??
Tor The Blonde x

Victoria Sullivan & Charlotte Thompson said...

Yes got the gear out ... but help what to take need a large suitcase for choices. This is sooo hard.
tor x

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Glam!! Yes I vote for glam! Lounging around pool and beach, and drives glam! Going out for drinks glam! Sipping cocktails glam! I vote check the bag on the plane, and have choices!!!!

Stacy said...

I vote for the bar then the pool. And then not moving for the rest of the vacation.

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