i've got a new obsession... Argentinian style.

it comes from afar, and my collection grows. From the odd t-shirt, beaded necklace, woven bag to gorgeous Trosman skirt and top. All courtesy of my very lovely husband.

each time he delights me with a new treat. This time, he brought me this lovely black drapey skirt and top from the lovely Argentinian designer Jessica Trosman. The top is gathered at the shoulders and bodice, with beads in the bodice. The skirt is a mix of drapey silky fabric with smooth clingy satin.

naturally, I had to pursue the designer, and found some delicious pieces off her site:

ok, so this Wednesday evening I'm going to a very special party, and I plan on wearing my Trosman piece. I'll make sure someone takes a photo of me. xxx


Amhalise said...

So you will love my friend from Argentina's stuff!


 Mommy Drinks Style said...

YES I DO!! I will feature her soon!

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