There is a certain kind of woman to whom I naturally gravitate towards. She knows how to sit languidly over a cup of a frothy hot latte or a tall glass of cold wine, and discuss (not complain) about the challenges of raising children, and whose not afraid to call junior an asshole when deserved (not to him, but to me, of course). She can bitch about her husband, partner, what-ever, in regards to their lack of sex sense children, or on the other hand, of his over abundant need to have sex, when she is damn too tired. We are the MWD (mother's who drink club).

We are not sloshes, alckies (not yet), but we are women who know that the little bit of wine we have, usually about 6pm, but not restricted to that time, only makes us smile after being screamed at, pouted at, smacked, bitten, told were monsters, what have you, by junior. We are not slouches.. well most of us. We go to the meetings we can, attend the class parties, make the cookies, help with the homework.. but we also work; part-time, full-time and full-time housewives not excluded. And, we drink. We like to, we love to, we are not afraid to.

If you stop at my favorite cafe on a Friday morning, you will not see me sitting with the mother's planning a school event, fund raiders, etc… rather, you'll see me with the mother's who dish about their private events, the sex they just had, the guy they are dating, the affair they are having, and yes, juniors first missing tooth.

"Experience is everything", but it is a woman who can gain insight through sole searching, a nice long discussion with her girlfriend (and fellows) and not to forget, a good glass of wine.

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